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Kridyom offers coaching and mentoring to people in all walks of life. Our coaching offers people an opportunity to pause, step out of the day and daily and look at their lives from new perspectives. 

It supports people in a process of inner transformation and in re-connecting with what matters most to them. It enables them to re-frame their lives and empowers them to shape the future they want for themselves instead of simply reacting to the way things are. 

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring is designed to open up new pathways for action for those in leadership  wishing to powerfully accomplish the  goals of their organisations, empower others and bring about transformation in their lives and communities. 

Kridyom Coaching is a supportive space in which people are safely held through their own transformation processes. Using Mindfulness and other approaches we teach people how to attend to the unfolding nature of their lives, remember their dreams, overcome obstacles and effectively manage their stress and fear so that they can achieve extraordinary results and live happy, fulfilled lives. 

Opportunities for leadership are all around us. The capacity for leadership is deep within us.
— Madeleine K. Albright