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'SPACE TO BREATHE' Spring Retreat

  • The Bamboo Loft Yoga Studio 9A Waterworks Road Omagh BT79 7JS, Northern Ireland. (map)


Spring is on its way. The snowdrops and daffodils are beginning to peek through the green and the dark is opening to the light. Birds are singing and busily building their nests and tiny buds are appearing on the trees. All of nature is awakening from its Winter slumber.

The Spring Breathing Space Retreat is a space where we too can breathe deep into our roots, uncurl, unfurl, stretch out, sing and re-awaken every one of our cells to the new life that awaits us. 

Many of us live our lives on automatic pilot. Even though we are busy it can sometimes feel as though we are sleep walking through our days. Spring is a wonderful time of the year to wake up and become more aware of the quiet stirrings, deep within our hearts, of a life longing to be lived. 

In the beautiful natural surroundings of Glenhordial, through Silence, Meditation, Art, Music, Walking and Sharing Fresh Food Together, this retreat will be a time for you to come out of the trance of Winter and the automatic pilot of your life. With each breath, each step, each word, each note, you will awaken to your own heart and the still, small movements of new life waiting to open you up to the joy of the world all around you.  

Mindfulness will re-connect you to your innate sense of wonder, tenderness and compassion towards yourself and the world. During the day, you will be guided through a variety of mindfulness meditations from the body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful movement and also some seasonal sensory meditations. 

For those of you who have already participated in Mindfulness training this retreat will refresh and deepen your practice. For people who are new this will give you a good foundation in the practices of Mindfulness and Centering. 

COST: £30 per person. 

REGISTRATION: Contact Marella at 078 9986 0773.  

Booking essential as these days are very popular.

Please Note: This retreat is suitable for total beginners and for people who have some experience of mindfulness meditation.   It is also a very good introduction for anyone who is seriously considering participating in an M.B.S.R. (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme in the future.