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Sacred Presence

  • Drumalis Retreat and Conference Centre Glenarm Road Larne, Northern Ireland, BT40 1BP United Kingdom (map)
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“Sacred Presence” 

This is the second in “Meeting God Mindfully” - a series of four themed retreat days at Drumalis in 2018. While the retreats build on one another, each may also be done as a standalone retreat day. 

There are times in life when we become totally disorientated, when tragedy knocks us sideways, when life itself is so fast that all we feel is the inadequacy and stress of not being able to keep up, when suffering or depression risks knocking us off our feet, when all we can feel is pain into the marrow of our bones, into the fabric of our souls.
There is no uniformly right response to times like this.Often we think that we will just ‘get over it’ in the full-ness of time. But there is no such thing as ‘getting over it’. Big disruptions and even small ones, leave a new normal in their wake. As much as we would like to wind back the clock to better times, there is no ‘going back’ in life, no ‘back to the old me’ only forward to the me I am now, in this moment, learning to be with life as it comes.“This too shall pass” - Don’t just do something – sit there!
Most of us are familiar with the phrase “allow nature to take its course”. However, when our experiences feel un- bearable we have a tendency, to want to intervene, to do something, to solve problems and repair brokenness, topropose, plan, fix, interpret, explain and solve. Yet, whatis needed most is the simple art of presence, the willing- ness to sit and wait and ‘keep watch’ as life unfolds through moments of pain and uncomfortable darkness. Life is impermanent. The only moment we have is this one, and the next one and the next. Life happens only in the now. Everything passes in its own good time. That is our only certainty.

SACRED PRESENCE: In the natural surroundings of Drumalis this retreat day offers contemplative and mind- fulness practices to help us to become ever more present in our lives. When we are tempted to ‘get busy’ or to ‘get fixing’ these practices help us to find stillness, courage,acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and healing just as we are and just as life is right now.

REGISTRATION: To ensure your place register now with Katrina in Drumalis - 028 2827 6455