Click Here  for Maria’s Professional Profile

Click Here for Maria’s Professional Profile

MARIA GARVEY is an experienced and skilled leader, manager, facilitator and coach.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, as a qualified leader in education, health & social care, social enterprise and faith community, Maria has brought her experience and knowledge to a wide range of individuals and organizations both nationally and internationally. She is an innovative, transformational leader who stands for the possibility of every person having a place to shine. She is skilled in change management with a particular passion for leading people through difficult life and work transitions. Committed to empowering people whatever their circumstances her focus is always on revealing people's gifts and unlocking human potential to bring about social transformation.  Recognizing that belonging and a clear sense of purpose are fundamental ingredients for healthy, happy and resilient organizations and cornerstones for a satisfying life, Maria is dedicated to bringing the gifts of the margins to the centre, focusing on possibility and supporting people to be architects of their own lives and futures. 


And we know that you would be the first to see the best in us and not the worst
— Eli Jenkins


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