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PAUSING ON PURPOSE - The Art of Mindful Leadership

  • CO3 Offices 34 Shaftesbury Square Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT2 7DB United Kingdom (map)
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Pausing on Purpose – Making Space for What Matters…

Introductory Workshop

In our times, the day to day life of a leader is often reduced to back-to-back meetings, fire fighting, dealing with constantly changing circumstances and conditions and meeting the unrelenting demands of many stakeholders. Unsurprisingly leaders often say that they feel overworked and overwhelmed. 

The practice of mindfulness supports effective leadership by giving people space to remember who they are and time to nurture their innate gifts of Acceptance, Focus, Calm, Clarity, Creativity and Compassion.

MIND THE GAP! By simply stopping and taking a 'Breather' a Leader creates a gap. In that gap it is possible to see more clearly what there is to deal with and to choose how to respond rather than automatically react. 

MINDFULNESS IS A PRACTICE, NOT A QUICK FIX!  Through simple daily practices over time we learn to recognise when we are on automatic pilot and drifting instead of being fully alive and flourishing. By cultivating a habit of pausing on purpose we learn to recognise and interrupt the drift and then we can choose to step back into our lives with intention again. 

LEADERSHIP PRESENCE: Practicing Mindfulness, sometimes called 'Heartfulness', allows us to remember 'who we are when we are not what we do'.  We come home to our hearts and re-connect with who we are at the core of our being, beyond all of the roles or the responsibilities that define us.

Mindfulness allows us dwell in the present moment and to be with what is, exactly as it is and as it is not. The practice shifts us from 'Doing' mode into 'Being' mode.  We begin to recognise that authentic Leadership is a quality of 'Presence' rather than a relentless drive to Performance.

Leadership Presence embodies what matters most to us in every aspect of our lives and our work.  Mindfulness gives us reliable access to 'Authentic, Whole Hearted  Leadership' that touches, moves and inspires people and makes a real difference regardless of the prevailing circumstances. 

Mindfulness Leadership creates a space for everyone to be fully human and fully alive and cultivates all of the possibilities that emerge through our aliveness together. 



Pausing on Purpose is a one-day introductory workshop suitable for anyone wanting to explore how to lead more calmly and effectively.

Grounded in a Mindfulness Based Approach, the aim of the workshop is to empower leaders and to transform lives. 

During the workshop participants will learn about mindfulness and more importantly they will learn how to 'Be' mindful. They will be guided through a series of mindful practices and introduced to the main principles and practices of Mindful Leadership including:

  • Mindful of ME - The Practice of Presence - Coming home to my self!
  • Mindful of Others - Mindful Communication 
  • Mindful of stress in the workplace.
  • The Mindful Workplace - Cultivating a culture of Wisdom, Discernment and Purposeful Action.  

Cost:   £69 for CO3 members, £89 for non members

To register your place please email or Tel: 028 90 245 356.