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  • Drumalis Retreat Centre 47 Glenarm Road Larne, Northern Ireland, BT40 1DS United Kingdom (map)
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life
— Proverbs 4:23

Finding Stillness through the Seasons  

In our fast paced, frantic world it's possible to live through the seasons of our lives barely noticing the wonderful symphony of life both within us and around us. 

Awakening is the first of four 'Be Still and Know' quiet retreat days offered by Drumalis in 2017.  You are invited to come away for a while to rest, pray and come back to life after the hibernation of Winter. 

For many of us, whatever the season, we go through life on automatic pilot. Even though we have full lives we can often feel empty as though something is missing and we are somehow sleep walking through our days.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to wake up.  As the light rises we become present to the snowdrops blooming, the birds singing and the buds beginning to appear on the trees.  We also become more aware of quiet stirrings deep within our own hearts of a life longing to be lived.

You worry and fret about so many things when only one thing matters
— Luke 10:38-42

Through Silence, Contemplation, Spiritual Conversation and Presence in Nature this retreat will be a time for you to leave the noise and distractions of everyday life behind and come back to what matters most. 

In the stillness you will be able to hear "the still small voice" at the centre of your being whispering to your heart to awaken, get up and choose life in all its fullness! 

The beautiful surroundings and the gentle rhythm of the day will nurture your body, delight your heart, ignite your spirit and inspire your soul. 

The glory of God is man and woman fully alive.
— St. Irenaeus

Cost: £55 (includes retreat materials, morning and afternoon refreshments and a full lunch) 

Early Bird Rates: £45 payable in full 1 month in advance of the retreat day. 

Note: Participants are asked to register from 9.30am and tea and coffee will be available on arrival.

TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE: Ring Katrina in Drumalis  + 44 (028) 28276455.

Dates of the forthcoming Be Still and Know Days.

  • Saturday 13 May - Blooming where we're planted
  • Saturday 16 September - Letting Go, Letting Be, Letting Come. 
  • Saturday 25 November - Finding the still point within.